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We didn’t plan to go to the islands, we don’t like to lie on the beach. We quickly get bored and have a sense of wasted a time. We rest in different way and we hold convictionin our minds that we can see something more interesting. Nowadays, Thailand is the most popular tourist destination, especially islands. Beaches are besieges from the early morning hours every day. Furthermore, on the Thai islands we were 4 years ago. A week on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. We rented a scooter so there was something to do. We admire people who can spend hours lie on the beach and take a break just for dinner.

However, one day when we were sitting with Karen, our host and Resort owner in Khao Sok Khao Sok Silver Cliff some of her guest mentioned a name Koh Kradan. We checked it and satellite view in google maps showed emerald water and white sand. Karen said that is one of the last paradise islands in Thailand, without many tourists. It’s worth to go there. She also recommended a Kalume Resort, her friend goes there very often. We’ve googled it! A few bungalows with a hammock, right on the beach. Sounds good and we will have time to segregate 5,000 photos from first month.

It’s very easy to get there. In every company in Trang, for 450 bath (10£) you can buy a combo ticket, in that case – minivan plus a long tail boat. Suitcases to the front, we on the back, we are ready to sail. The way takes 2 hours but  probably it would be faster if not one thing, THAI TIME – which simply means no rush.  We got used to the fact that the driver can stop to refuel a car, fill up a canister, buy a coffee, call his wife. THAI TIME. Nobody is in a hurry here.

In 2016, The Guardian chose Koh Kradan beach the ninth, most beautiful beach in the world. Sounds like paradise island and we are not surprised why! Two kilometers of white sand, emerald water and a magnificent coral reef makes an impression of paradise. 90% of the island is under the protection of Hat Chao Mai National Park and is overgrown by tropical jungle. There is nothing here. No shops or ATMs, a few palm trees. The perfect place to rest. Book, laptop, whatever you like. There are only nine resorts on the island, that’s all. Most of them are bungalows, better or worse, depending on guests expectations. All on the east side of island. West part is wild. On the south there is also a place to tenting. Luckily building a new resorts are banned here.

The coral reef is amazing! Every morning about 8am or evening at 5pm, when the water level is low, you can go there and admire the underwater world. During our 5 days of stay we saw more than during our scuba diving on Koh Phangan 4 ago. Cons? Every day from 10am to 1pm boats come with tourists to snookering. A dozen cruise boats, in three different places, where the coral reef is the most beautiful. Most boats come on weekends but they are far enough that it doesn’t bother us that much. Sometimes, when the visibility is very poor, no one comes. Some peace and quiet. Only boat with supplies to the restaurants and resorts. Even melted ice. We don’t mind this form of activity, but in some places it should be particularly control and limited. Maja Bay on Koh Phi Phi island has been closed for 3 months, same Ao Nang in Krabi. The massive flow of tourists caused the dying of the coral reef. Her condition is tragic. Philippines has already closed down Boracay island for 6 months after becoming a cesspool! People and nature rarely go hand in hand.

I forgot to mention that sunsets here are orange!

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